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Atlantis Construction Services, Inc General Building Contractor Commercial & Residential
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Atlantis Construction Services, Inc.
1200 N. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Atlantis Construction services Inc., established in Burbank, California in 1993, by Garnik Yousefi & Gavik Farhadian. Ambitious & hard working as a
residential and commercial contractor has a long and proud history in California. Through the years, Atlantis Construction services Inc., has
acquired proficiency in a wide variety of construction areas.
From major developments to renovation work, Atlantis Construction services Inc., endeavors to maintain its high ideals as set forth by its founders
of hard work, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.
Atlantis Construction services Inc., is a family owned business managed by a team of professional engineers and project management staff
together with experienced site and office personnel our ability to deliver more than traditional construction services. Our team-oriented staff each
shares the common goal of exceeding the client's expectation in providing professional, technical and innovative solutions to our client's most
challenging needs.
Atlantis Construction services Inc., has earned a reputation for complete customer satisfaction consistently completing projects on time and within
budget encouraging our clients to employ our services repeatedly.
We are Licensed (A & B) Bonded & Insured.