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General Construction and
Construction Management Services

Atlantis Construction services Inc., general construction and construction management services include a wide variety of areas including
multi-dwelling, residential, commercial, industrial, tenant improvement, renovation /restoration and seismic retro-fit of structures.
As part of Atlantis Construction services Inc., work approach that includes hands on involvement by the Company's principals, we provide in-depth
management services and supervision on all of our projects from mobilization to Owner acceptance. Our comprehensive information network includes
numerous components ranging from scheduling, cost control, and payment applications to project coordination meetings, material procurement, and
project closeout and guarantee management.
Atlantis Construction Services, Inc General Building Contractor Commercial & Residential
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Atlantis Construction Services, Inc.
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Our Projects By Name
Projects that ACS involved in :
Fields of involvement  : Wood Framing, Metal Framing, and Concrete.

  •        Armenian Society, Glendale CA
  •        The Otani Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles
  •        Japanese Temple, Redwood City in Northern CA
  •        Multi Unite Residential & Commercial Project, Hercules in Northern CA

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